Ausgabe August / September 1986
Cuttlemania by Frank T. Wittenmayer
Jack the Digger by Jens Berke
Tico-Tico Music by T.Bos (original by Kemal Ezcan !!!)
Graphic 8+16 Ausgabe für Epson FX/RX-80 by Michael Sassin
C 64
Die Festung by T. Lanari
Tank Simulation by Thomas Marx
VC 20
Economy by ?
ZX Spectrum
Laser Maze by Zuheir Urwani
- image wanted -
Schneider CPC 464
Mühle by ?
- image wanted -
Ti 99 / 4a
The House of Horror by Hans Stolicka
- image wanted -
Fred and the Bubloids by Peter Weiland
- image wanted -