Ausgabe November / Dezember 1987
ATARI The Adventurer by H.Micko
Crazy Egon II "Das Spukschloss"
by Thomas Fischermann
C 64
Shila by Hans Baer
Bubble Jack by Joerg Tuttas
VC20 Coconuts by B. Nyffeler download
C 16
Feuerwehr by D.Schiemann
Q-Bert by Bernd Gichtbrock
ZX Spectrum
Space Egg by Gerhard Plietsch
Schneider CPC 464
Paint it by Stefan Zlatinsis - image wanted -
Emotions by Michael Klein - image wanted -
Ti 99 / 4a
Willy in the city by Peter Hlawna - image wanted -
Apple II
Tetrade by Thorsten Hoenow - image wanted -