Ausgabe Juli / August 1987
Ultracopy by Carsten Reitz
Cavern of Death by Carsten Reitz
Dr. Tom's Castle by Kemal Ezcan
Ghostly by Matthias, Hartmut & Andreas Boegel
C 64
Rowly by Roland Mayer
Treasure-Hunt by Michael Stickler
VC 20
Race-Diver by ?
C 16
C16 Checksummer v2.0 by Frank Brall
Crazy Worm by Joerg Schoendoerf
Assault by Robert Dillinger
ZX Spectrum
Jenseits von Andromeda by Christoph Holzheuer - image wanted -
Superwall by Gerhard Plietsch
Schneider CPC 464
Car Driver by Ralf Tuellmann
Flower of Venus by Alexander Stroh
- image wanted -
Ti 99 / 4a
Square Painter by Grabuschnig
- image wanted -
Apple II
Sub-Attack by ?
- image wanted -